Apr 1, 2011

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The fourth installment of this podcast series hears Joshua Reynolds digging deep into his crates to deliver a vinyl only mix, seamlessly blending both older personal favourites with what he is currently feeling.

Pushing close to thirty tracks in just over eighty minutes, combined with a conscientious abandonment of convoluted and contrived notions of hidden meanings and subtexts; it comes as no surprise that the overall vibe of this mix is unquestionably rough, rugged and raw – the style in which Josh undoubtedly derives most satisfaction from.

In terms of Josh's own musical background, no formal training has ever taken place, yet through an insatiable desire to discover and collect new sounds, a self-education of sorts has more than adequately compensated. Beginning with a love for hip hop which eventually morphed into an affinity for dance music, the realisation that both genres were using similar samples spawned the nasty obsession his hunt for music has become – Philly soul, Brazilian, reggae, NY disco, jazz, Ethio jazz, afro, boogie and Krautrock all feature prominently in Josh's ever-expanding collection.

So enough with words, this mix says it all.


1. Scott Ferguson - Uncle // Ferrispark
2. Steve Oh - Work Dat Shit // Soul People Music
3. Africans With Mainframes - Save The Robots // Mathematics Recordings
4. Mike Huckaby - Fantasy // S Y N T H
5. Ly - Back 2 Zanzibar (King Street Mix) // Nite Grooves
6. Lowtec - Untitled // Workshop
7. Chez Damier - Help Myself (Carl Craig Reconstruction) // KMS
8. Luke Hess - Quick To Hear // DeepLabs
9. Henry - Ease The Pain (Elementary Club Dub) // Lethal Cover Records
10. Dreamer G - I Got That Feelin' (Original Extended Mix) // Big Beat
11. Glenn Underground - Real Space // Djax-Up-Beats
12. The Lady Blacktronika - Summertime In The City // Your Only Friend
13. Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes - Deep Pit (Kenny Larkin Mix) // Dance Pool
14. Unknown Artist - III // Sex Tags Mania
15. Kassem Mosse - Crown Gall // Mikrodisko Recordings
16. Appointment - Get On // LiveJam Records
17. Leron Carson - Mechanism // Sound Signature
18. Steve Poindexter - Eight O Eight // Muzique Records
19. Omar-S - Strider's World // FXHE
20. Techniqúe - Frankie's Theme // Citi Records
21. Rocko - Underground Beats // Street Life Records
22. Round Two - New Day (Dub) // Main Street Records
23. Mike Huckaby - Wavetable No. 9 // S Y N T H
24. Bobby Konders - Massaï Women // Nu Groove Records
25. The Lady Blacktronika - Deep Luv // Sound Black Recordings
26. Ability II - Pressure Dub // Outer Rhythm