Jun 4, 2011

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Enticed into the mythical land of dance music a mere decade ago, Lou-is (aka Louis McCoy) found his life quite literally and unexpectedly spun inside up and outside in. Fuelled by the common drive of the seemingly uncommon deejay – that is, the irrepressible urge to express one's self through the medium of sound in hope of spreading these somewhat esoteric feelings to a wider audience – the house parties Lou-is began catering for frequently kept the floor, living room, basement et cetera, captivated until early light.

Crediting his parents for all things blues and rock & roll, his movement into hip hop was of his own accord. Yet for Lou-is these movements were still very much in process and the path he chose was ultimately defined by his pronounced affinity for the fundamentals of house music; "there's just something about that clap".

And with that we are very pleased to present to you the ever grateful and much loved Lou-is, as he takes you on his own poetic pilgrimage of where he's currently at and how he got there. This mix is either made to be listened immersed in nature or with loud headphones on, immersed in smoke – immersion is the key.

Sit back or stand up and enjoy this comprehensive two hours.


1. People Under The Stairs - Intro // Om Records
2. Robert Johnson - Crossroads Blues // Aldabra Records
3. John Lee Hooker - Hobo Blues // Crown Records
4. Bill Withers - Grandma’s Hands // Sussex
5. Nightmares On Wax - Groove St // Warp Records
6. Nicolas Jaar - Wouh // Clown & Sunset
7. Headless Ghost - Forever Deep (Reprise) // Sthlmaudio Recordings
8. Drehwerk - Deep Love // Apparel Music
9. Ribn - Shift // Styrax Leaves
10. STL - From A Distance // Smallville Records
11. Alveol - Glitter Path // mule electronic
12. Lump - It Must Be My Baby // Morris Audio
13. Langenberg - Planitz Proposal // Mild Pitch
14. Minilogue - Intermediate State // mule electronic
15. Leonel Castillo - Con Hilo De Nylon (Agnés Ardilla Remix) // Ilian Tape
16. Recloose - Mym320 // Rush Hour
17. Four Tet - Love Cry // Domino
18. Audision - Aurora (John Roberts Remix) // Andmusic
19. Chaton & Se-Te-Ve - +91 Ahead Session 4.5 (Se-Te-Ve Debut Version) // Plak Records
20. Chaton & John Daly - +91 Ahead Session 3.5 (John Daly Version) // Plak Records
21. Makam - Things I Embody // Sushitech Purple
22. Radio Slave - I Don’t Need A Cure (Kenny Larkin Remix) // REKIDS
23. Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix) // Curle Recordings
24. DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain-Scatter Brain // Mo Wax Records